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This product locks in a hard style for most hair types, though it's best for thin, curly, and normal hair. With this product, Imperial has created a gel-pomade hybrid which works to create a look that stays put all day. And, the guys at Imperial Barber are true grooming connoisseurs, as you'll quickly learn from this interview with them. As with all their products, there's little more you can ask for, as the folks at Rebel Rouser will attest. And, this product comes highly recommended by West Coast Shaving, even though they're ready to put it in the gel category. Not only does this hybrid work on difficult hair, but patting it down with a little extra water in the middle of the day will re-activate the holding powers of this product. Plus, it doesn't leave hair looking or feeling brittle. It's also one of those tempting, no-flake products.
  • Hold and Control: We love the stronger hold that comes with this product. It's more than medium, but you're not going to feel as though you're wearing a hardened gel all day. And, it works well on difficult hair types, including thin hair.
  • Ability to Restyle: You can reset your look by adding a little more water to the mix. It's not at all difficult to keep your style looking fresh all day with this versatile product.
  • Texturing Ability: Yes, and double yes. This pomade works to lift thin or fine hair. It's the volumizer in this product that truly sets it apart from the competition.
  • Shine Level: There's a slight sheen to this pomade. But, it's more natural than greasy. If you really need a super shine, you might want to look elsewhere, but we're still in love with this product.
  • Flakes and Washability: As with any water-based pomade, you will be able to wash this product out of your hair without any hassle whatsoever. But, you will need to wash it out daily to avoid buildup.
  • Scent: This is the only spot where this pomade doesn't completely shine. The fragrance is a little fruity. Although we can't rule it out completely because of the scent, do be aware that it doesn't always mix well with overpoweringly masculine products in your regime.
Bottom Line: It would be very difficult to pass up this pomade. It sells for a fantastic price, it's got great hold, and it's reshapable. Better yet, it's also going to add volume and texture to thinner hair, whatever type of hair you have. Because it's also loaded with vitamins, you're actually doing your hair a favor. Really, there's almost no reason not to give this a go. It's really that good - and our fave pomade for a reason. Read more at FAVEABLE.COM and purchase our Classic Pomade online.
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