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#BARBERLIFE | Brass Tacks Barbershop

#BARBERLIFE | Brass Tacks Barbershop

Meet the crew of Brass Tacks Barbershop in Dallas, TX.

The story behind Brass Tacks Barbershop: Brass Tacks was founded by owner and barber Brandon White in 2014. Brandon worked in various shops and always felt something was missing – quality men's grooming. Dallas was in need of a barbershop that helped professionals who consider the trade of barbering a lifestyle. A barbershop where these professionals could make a good living and support their families. Brass Tacks was founded with a few main ideas in mind. First, keep it simple. No frills just quality services and experiences for each client. Second, quality over quantity. Brass Tacks recently opened a second location in East Dallas, both shops are doing great. Brass Tacks 1 Brandon White gives an insider look at #BarberLife over at the Brass Tacks Barbershop. The Brass Tacks crew: The team has grown from its inception with one barber, to now employing 8 professionals, with another in training. Five of which own motorcycles and ride together. Every barber has a unique personality and style. Musicians, artists, custom motorcycle builders, singers and let's not forget the dedicated fathers. It's a family. Brass Tacks 2 The Brass Tacks location: The original location is in The Bishop Arts District. Home to over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, theaters and art galleries. Located in North Oak Cliff, one of Dallas’ most unique neighborhoods. The second shop is located just northeast of downtown in Lakewood. This neighborhood, with its diversity and history, is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Dallas. The shops are similar but each have their own story and unique feel. Vintage barber chairs, taxidermy, and tons of unique antiques to keep you wondering what will be on the walls for your next appointment. Great music, conversation and, of course, local beer on tap. Barbering community in Dallas, TX:Brass Tacks 5 The barber community in Dallas is growing. We have some very dedicated professionals who have been in the industry for some time, and who have been doing great things for the community. Milton Campos and the crew at Urban Soul Studio for example. Men's grooming is a growing industry and it's up to us to determine that direction. Imperial was the first line Brass Tacks carried because it was made by barbers for barbers. We have to support each other and that's what the community is learning. I love the connection between barbers, like we all have a finger on what's really happening in the world because we talk about it with our clients everyday. The barbershops in Dallas are where men go to escape, network, and talk shit like their fathers and grandfathers. Barbering for me and my team is a way of life, and something we can’t live without. Brass Tacks 6 What to know as a client: Be on time and have an idea of what you want. We are creative individuals but some direction not only helps but insures you walk away happy. Get off your phone. Don’t stand on the chairs foot rest, these chairs are old and we want them to last another 100 years. It's pretty easy just try and make a connection with your barber and enjoy your time. Current hair trends in Dallas, TX: Dallas has been on the side part thing for a while and lots of hard parts. We are still doing a lot of disconnection but undercuts are growing out and I see long looser tops with shorter sides taking over. Men in Dallas generally want something trendy but easy. Brass Tacks 7 What to look for in quality barber products: Products need to not only work well, but be affordable. The scent is always important, not necessarily for the client, but as usual, whatever the wife or girlfriend prefers. Imperial nailed the scents with clean, light smelling products everyone enjoys. Range is also important. I like to carry full lines so having a brand that has something for everyone is great. The company and its origin are also important. I will always support others in the industry and products that are made in the USA. Brass Tacks 9 Brass Tacks Imperial Barber Product top picks: My favorite Imperial styling product is the CLASSIC POMADE. It works well for most hair types and smells great. My favorite products overall are the BERGAMOT AFTER-SHAVE and the AFTER-SHAVE BALM & FACE MOISTURIZER I use them together after ever shave. They are light enough for most skin types and help the clients who normally get dry skin or irritation. I use the moisturizer myself daily, since I’m constantly washing my hands. Find Brass Tacks Barbershop on Instagram @brasstacksbarbershop + Photos by @jordanmieth + @justinserna
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