Style Guide: Top Male Fashion Bloggers

Imperial Fashion Blog

Anthony Urbano@closet_freaks

This eccentric fashion blogger living in New Jersey is influencing the men’s fashion world through his witty posts and fantastic style. Classical pieces mixed with various patterns and colors is what makes Anthony the optimal “Closet Freak” to follow.

Anthony Urbano men's fasion blogger

Bobby Hicks@thisfellow

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, Bobby Hicks is an up-and-coming fashion blogger by day and bartender by night. His edgy tattoos and heart-melting smile makes “This Fellow”  the perfect inspiration for those with a classic, but edgy style.

Bobby Hicks men's fashion blogger in Brooklyn

Matthew Pike@mat_buckets

This British lifestyle and menswear blogger takes on a complimentary style by tying together both quirky and minimalistic pieces. Creator of the blog Buckets & Spades, Matthew is sure to let his creativity show through in all of posts and tweets.

Matthew Pike, quirky, British, men's fashion blogger

Dapper Lou@DapperLou

Lougè Delcy, the man behind the Dapper Lou blog, firmly believes that great style is the key to becoming a noteworthy gentleman. This artist enjoys mixing traditional 20’s inspired clothing with modern trends to keep himself looking dapper on the daily.

Dapper Lou, 20s style fashion blogger

Matthew Zorpas@MatthewZorpas

Referring to himself as a “Creative Consultant”, Matthew Zorpas is the quintessential English gentleman. His beautifully tailored suits are sure to be the inspiration behind his book titled London 100, A Gentlemen’s Guide. While browsing his fashion blog, it is highly likely you will wonder if Matthew Zorpas is some sort of British royalty.

Matthew Zorpas, english gentlemen, fashion blogger

Filippo Fiora and Filippo Cirulli@filippofiora

This pair of Italian fashion gurus are the founders of the most influential blog in Italy called TheThreeF. Their high-end European style originates from their love of luxury brands. Their popular blog even has a section titled “Gent’s Club”, emphasizing their love for chic clothing, accessories, and products.

Filippo, Fiora, and Filippo Cirulli, TheThreeF of fashion

Peter Adrian@PeterSAdrian

This Chinese actor, dancer, and model is the ultimate Lookbook connoisseur. His youthful and trendy style consists of secondhand clothing found in thrift stores or given to him by his peers. Peter’s amazing ability to transform used clothing into highly stylish outfits proves that you can still look like a gentlemen without hurting your wallet.

Peter Adrian, Chinese actor, dancer, model

Gabriel García & Mike Madrid@cupofcouple

Gabriel García and Mike Madrid are the men behind the blog Cup of Couple. This dynamic duo uses their passion for photography, videography, and music as inspiration for their casual, but hip and vintage attire.

Gabrial Garcia & Mike Madrid. Cup of Couple

Adam Gallagher@IamGALLA

World traveler and fashion guru, Adam Gallagher, is always sharing his adventures with the world through his fashion blog I am Galla. No matter where he travels to, Adam always brings with him the perfect outfits to match his destination.

Adam Gallager, world traveler and fashin guru