Shave Bundle
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Shave Bundle

The Ultimate Five-Step Utility Shave System

Net Wt. 1 lb

“Give the gift that shaves face” with the 100% natural shave system. Utilizing the highest cosmetic grade all-natural ingredients, this is the perfect gift for any man with a face and a non-electric razor. Comes complete with our dual-purpose Glycerin Face/Shave Soap, blade glide-enhancing Pre-Shave Oil and the toning and refreshing Bergamot After-Shave. The bundle comes complete with our Five-Step Shave instructional card included in a reusable muslin drawstring stash bag.


  • 100% Natural
  • No Synthetic Ingredients
  • Infused With Vitamins
  • Multi-Purpose Facial Care
  • Minimizes Nicks and Cuts
  • Reduces Irritation

Best For:

  • All Beard and Skin Types
  • Beneficial for Sensitive Skin
  • Dual-Gender Facial Cleansing
  • Wet Shaving

Additional Notes:

Each Bundle Contains: 1-Glycerin Face/Shave Soap, 1-Pre-Shave Oil, 1-Bergamot After-Shave

See Product Pages: Pre-Shave Oil Shave/Face Soap After-Shave

View the Five-Step Shave Instructional Card

User Reviews & Tips

  1. Very impressed with your top notch products, speedy shipping and customer service. I enjoy how your business offers limited; but universal and effective product choices. This results in easier ordering; and greater product loyalty. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! Thank you! By the way; for all you Layrite followers; try the pomade!

  2. I bought the shave bundle and I am impressed! Nice slick shave. I only wish the soap was offered in a “puck” as well, for us mug & brush users. First time using pre shave oil and it made a huge difference for me. Thanks for the great products.

  3. Just let me say…Wow. This set is incredible! Normally, since I have sensitive skin, I cannot shave against the grain of my facial hair. However, these products allow me to do so, and get a super close, smooth shave (which my girlfriend loves). The aftershave smells incredible; probably my favorite thing about it. Smells like fine Earl Grey tea. Goes well with my straight razor too. Please never stop making these products!

  4. I just love the shaving bar. smooth shave and great for travel

    May I suggest a post shaving cream with sunblock and a tinted

  5. For the past 4 years I have been searching for the perfect shave. Starting with Art of Shaving products, then on to Jack Black products which were all great but, there was something missing. I read about Imperial products on blog and thought I would give it a try. I shave every single day and I needed a product that wouldn’t destroy my skin with oils or dry it out; Imperial has accomplished the unthinkable with these products. Anyone who is ready to be completely satisfied with their shave products should make the purchase. (get the entire kit for the whole experience) Thank you Imperial for making a superior product, you have gained a client for life! Keep up the great work!

  6. I have sensitive skin, there’s no question about it. The thought of having to wake up and shave every morning was dreadful. My face would get irritated, I’d develop ingrown hairs, and a lot of shaving creams would make my face break out. Being in the military and having to shave 5-6 days a week, this was a problem for me. I turned to wet shaving a year ago and I have been trying all types of shaving soaps and after shaves, but I was never completely satisfied. I purchased this bundle the other week and have been using it for a week now, following the routine of washing my face with the soap, oil, shave, aftershave. Wow! Not only is this the smoothest my face has been in years but my skin is no longer irritated, I’ve had zero ingrown hairs, and my face has cleared up significantly. This by far is the best stuff I’ve used and my search for a satisfying shave is over. You have a customer for life!

  7. This tip is for Brett….The trick to the bar is you put the bar in your mug and stick that in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute depending on your microwave and it will melt the bar into your mug for the perfect fit. All shaving soaps melt and that’s how you keep your soap at the perfect level in your mug by microwaving it from time to time. By the way I bought the bundle pack too…Love the soap and after shave. The pre-shave oil left a drag on my face no matter how little or how much I put on. All in all great stuff!!!!

  8. This stuff just works. All three products awesome. They are no-frills, simple and effective. In fact, they’re so straightforward, you’d almost expect them not to work so well! The shave oil is very lightly scented, but does what it is supposed to. The eyedropper is a great delivery method as well. The shave soap lathers incredibly easily and quickly. I face lather with it. I have a completely cushioning and lubricating lather (in conjunction with the oil of course) within a minute. It takes no longer than lathering a cream in a tube with my hands. The aftershave is light, and feels almost oily in your hands, but dries completely smooth, dry and matte. If you’ve nicked yourself, you’ll feel a sting and it smells a bit of alcohol in the bottle. The scent fades quickly after application, which I like. Well done guys.

  9. Ordered on Wednesday and came in today (Friday). I didn’t think it would get here so fast. I regret shaving this morning, now I have to wait a few days. I haven’t looked forward to shaving since I was 15.