Pre-Shave Oil. Superior Razor Glide and Protection
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Pre-Shave Oil

Superior Razor Glide and Protection

Net Wt. 1 oz. / 28.35 ml.

Our high-performance PRE-SHAVE OIL protects your skin from redness, razor burn and flare-ups with a proprietary blend of essential oils. From the blade-glide enhancing Macadamia Glycerides to the moisturizing antioxidant Squalene Oil, and Vitamin E antioxidant. Unsurpassed protection resulting in an ultra-close shave. Barbers use this before straight razor shave treatments with hot towels to soften the beard before applying shave cream. However our at-home customers can massage a few drops of PRE-SHAVE OIL on their beards and begin shaving instantly.

This dual-natured product offers enough protection that it can also be used on its own, thus requiring no additional shave creams on your face. Whether you use our Pre-Shave Oil before traditional shave cream or on its own, this product goes on smoothly and provides a calming Bulgarian lavender scent that creates a masculine aroma.


  • Essential natural oil blend
  • Lavender calming scent
  • Minimizes cuts and nick
  • Reduces skin rash

Best For:

  • All skin types
  • All beard/hair types
  • Pre-shave prep Treatment
  • traditional shave Oil

User Reviews & Tips

  1. I can not believe that no one has reviewed this product yet! I’m not sure if it is because people are being lazy, or that they have not picked this product up yet (I’m hoping its the first!). Not only is the scent of the oil great, but this stuff really works! Now being one of those guys who believes in a DE razor shave (never any of those supermarket razors) I have never had a closer shave! Not only does it leave my skin smoother than ever, but the razor just glides. My skin has never looked healthier. I’m sold on Imperial for life!

  2. This shave oil is the real deal. Rubbed 4 drops on to 2 day beard and topped with my favorite Mitchells Wool Fat Shave soap, and got the smoothest shave yet with my open comb DE razor. Nice job with this guys.

  3. This pre-shave oil that Imperial made my hair so soft they made my shave feel effortless. Thanks

  4. This is the best stuff ever.this is the real deal.

  5. Just started using the glycerin soap and pre-shave oil and loving it! Works extremely well with my Merkur razor.

  6. The bottle is small but will last you a long time. It comes with its own eye dropper like cap for you to ration out droplets into the palm. This stuff goes a long way too. I like to drop about 4-5 drops in my palm and apply it to my face and stubble. After a minute of working up some good lather (with Imperial Glycerin soap of course!) apply lather right on top of this oil layer as it has had time to really absorb into the hair and skin. The razor just slides across the face like it’s bored, but is obliging all the same. I find it leaves behind a wonderfully moisturized and baby-bottom smooth face; one that my wife cannot stop touching, and that’s good for everyone!

  7. This stuff is straight up the bees knees. I had about three days of stubble. I followed the directions by wetting my face and applied some of the Imperial oil and shaved with only the oil. The razor glided through and I had a baby bottom smooth face. This stuff is awesome.

  8. I recently started using Imperial products about two months ago, starting with the fiber pomade and then moving to their shaving supplies. The pre-shave oil is AMAZING! I have never had such a smooth shave. Don’t get me wrong, the Imperial Shave Soap more than holds its own without the oil, but with….. If shaving can be decadent, this is it.

  9. I have had awful bumps/burn at my neckline my entire adult life. Especially if I shave more than 3x per week. In about 1.5 weeks of shaving, this stuff has alleviated the problem by 90% easily…. I’m thinking it could make the bumps go away 100% with continued use… Cannot recommend highly enough if you have the same issue… For whatever it’s worth, I use a fusion blade, IB shave canister, badger bristle brush.

  10. Got my first real-man razor last year, and this stuff came in the kit. Never tried pre-shave oil before, but it was like angels were kissing me while I was shaving. Makes a HEEEUUUUUUGE difference. I’ve also started rubbing a few drops on AFTER shaving, too, to keep my skin from drying out in the MN winter air. No pimples, no irritation…just awesome! I’ve tried a few other brands, too, but this is by far the best on the market. Dig it!

  11. Met the guys at Agenda LB a few years back. They hooked me up with a whole kit & gave me some tips I never knew about on shaving – still using em today (thx guys!)…

    Yeah this oil is amazing… although I only shave 2-3 times a month and grow a beard in the winter, this little bottle has lasted me 3 years at least! re-upping now. Wish they sold razors here, just learned about DE razors from the comments here (yes, I googled DE!). Thanks for educating us on good quality shit ‘n how to use ’em…


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