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Matte Pomade Paste

No-Shine Versatility, Light-to-Med Hold

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Net Wt. 5 oz. / 118 ml.

Our highly anticipated and versatile MATTE POMADE PASTE is the answer for those desiring a natural, no-shine finish with a light-to-medium hold. Great for looose and “messy” styles as well as the groomed business style. MATTE POMADE PASTE will dry in light and natural with control without weighing the hair down. The all-natural ingredients will help strengthen, retain moisture, thicken and add volume. The addition of Green Tea extract will also protect the hair from environmental damage. It’s also water reactivatable, which allows for easy re-styling with just a bit of water. As with all of our water-based products, you get the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy. It’s the best water-based traditional “matte” finishing product on the market. Enjoy.


  • No-Shine Finish
  • Light-to-Meduim Hold
  • Water-Based
  • Applies Smoothly and Evenly
  • Dries in Light
  • Adds Thickness/Texture
  • Rinses Clean and Easy

Best For:

  • All Hair Types
  • Great for Thinner Hair
  • Textured Natural Look
  • Messy “Bed Head” Styles
  • Natural Groomed Looks
  • Side-Parted Style
  • Loosely Slicked-Back

User Reviews & Tips

  1. Although I don’t like to use anything on my gray, thin, flyaway hair, I have to. Your Matte Pomade Paste makes it look like I’m natural. I only use a little, which is great ’cause I’m so cheap! All kidding aside, it’s so nice to see American Made on a great product. You guys are the coolest.

  2. Hi guys,
    I have just recently purchased your products and would like to give you some feedbacks after about 10 days using them.

    I have been trying so many different hair products in my life and I have to say nothing works as well as your products.

    I really love the smell, and how its so easy to restyle my hair all day long even though your products have great hold. They are also easy to wash out. In essence, your products work as advertised and I will definitely recommend your products to my friends and relatives.

    Styling my hair is no longer a hassle in the morning.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  3. Imperial,
    I wanted to say thanks for making a great product. For years, I have been looking for a product that holds all day, gives texture, and has a “non-greasy” appearance. You deliver on your word- “made to work”. With your matte pomade, I get consistent styling that I feel confident in. I look forward to trying more of your merchandise.

  4. I”ll make it short and sweet, if I could buy it buy the gallon I would. Works very well for a loose natural slick back. Just slap on to damp hair comb back, good for the day. Well done!

  5. I use to be a Classic Pomade guy and loved your product more than anything on the market. And now I can say that my new favorite is this Matte Pomade Paste. Holds really well and doesn’t give my dark hair any shine so it looks nice and natural.

    Keep it up!

  6. I just received the product today, and first of all, let me just say that I’m honestly amazed by it. Everything about it is pretty perfect. It has a light, but really pleasant scent (almost like melon) and held my fine hair perfectly. Also, the packaging is fantastic. It’s really sturdy and looks great.

    Thank you!

  7. I have used stuff like American crew, Jack Black, 3flowers, gels etc and your Matte pomade is the best! I have thin curly hair and really don’t like too much if any shine
    In my hair. I like my hair to be clean and neat without all the wet look! Your matte pomade is just perfect for the clean look!
    Plus the scent it clean and professional smelling, holds tight with out the stiff feel… Great Stuff!

  8. i just wanted to drop a note saying how much i like the matte pomade paste i purchased. as a graphic designer i was first taken by your identity package and the presentation. after using the product for a few weeks now, i am extremely happy with the product and how light it feels and supplies just the right amount of hold yet doesn’t feel over done with product. so thank you for producing such a wonderful product to use with a well designed identity.

  9. Hey all… Just another review on a GREAT product.

    I have the thickest, most impossible to manage hair. I suppose the “thick hair” part isn’t a problem when everyone around me is getting bald, but for now, its just so impossible to manage. I bought this product from a friend and have been hooked ever since.
    The product goes in super easy and makes my hair look naturally messy (but of course, still put together). My type of hair looks better natural and this product does exactly what I’ve always wanted.
    Its a little hard to find, but West Elm sells it now and so do select barbers. If all else fails, the internet does wonders.

  10. I love this stuff. I just use a dime sized dollop after the shower and it keeps my hair in position without any sheen. My only request is for variety in packaging. As it is now, I can’t take my Imperial on the road because 4 oz is over TSA restrictions.

  11. I had been looking for a hair product that I liked for years. Being vegan makes it hard to find something to use, most things either have beeswax or are tested on animals. The ones I did find worked ok, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I tried Paul Mitchel, American Crew and different drug store brands. Then I stumbled on this website saw that their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. I wasn’t sure which product to get so I emailed them describing my hair situation and what I was looking for in the product. I was stuck between the fiber and matte pomade. They replied just a few minutes later suggesting I try the matte paste. I took their advice and am very happy with my purchase. It has a nice hold and keeps your hair looking natural, I don’t like too much shine in my hair so it’s perfect. I will be getting my hair products from here for now on, next I think I’ll try their shaving bundle since I’ve heard good things about it as well.

  12. This is a great pomade. Does exactly what it says(medium-hold, matte shine) and has a nice and light scent that is not overpowering. It is not at all greasy and washes out of hair easily. And you get a nice size container of it for the price as well.

  13. Hey, i love your products, i have the entire collection. This is my favorite by far. The only thing is that when i apply it to completely dry and combed blown hair, it leaves white residue. Any suggestions on how to get past that? Otherwise product is perfect. Holds is superb when applied to dry hair

  14. Hey, i love your products, i have the entire collection. This is my favorite by far. The only thing is that when i apply it to completely dry and combed blown hair, it leaves white residue. Any suggestions on how to get past that? Otherwise product is perfect. Holds is superb when applied to dry hair.

    (Imperial side note: As with all of our products, especially the Matte Pomade Paste, be sure to evenly activate product in your palms and thoroughly work into and through the hair for optimal results and performance.)

  15. Please do not change this formula or stop producing this pomade; it’s perfect. Finally–the perfect pomade.

  16. Boys use gel, ladies use mousse, men use pomade.

    I am proud to use the Matte Pomade Paste. Works great, washes out clean and smells just right. I’m an older guy so I don’t need the shiny attractive hair anymore. I’m comfortable with a look that says “Here I am.” instead of “LOOK AT ME!”

  17. Great stuff,100% satisfaction. Hey guys,when will we get to order the t-shirts?? :)

  18. This is the perfect consistency! Not goopy, but also not too thick. No shine and just the right amount of hold. It has pleasant and slightly sweet smell that fades pretty quickly. This is now my go-to hair product. Thanks, Imperial!

  19. I’m a 17 year old from Southern California. For the last few years I have taken a big interest in my hair and tried many different products. But when i saw your (my uncle recommended it and I saw you guys on Instagram) product in stores I had to have it. I have had my first container for a couple of weeks and I love it. I used to part my hair but now i have an under cut so i will see how I will work with that. Thank you for the great Pomade

  20. I purchased this product about one month ago and have been dissatisfied from day one of using the product. I switched to this from Aveda’s grooming clay, and wish I never did. I was looking for another matte product that is really light in my hair. However, this product almost gives my hair the hard crispy feeling of a gel, and it has a shine, unlike the completely matte finish of Aveda. Pretty much the only positive from this product is the smell.

  21. Love the product – am on the road a lot. Any plans for a 3oz travel size?!!!

    (Imperial note: We are working on travel sizes for all the pomades. We hope to see these in early-mid 2014)

  22. I have used all 4 of your products, and this is my favorite. I have hard to control, straight thick hair with plenty of cowlicks, and even though this dry’s in light, it still gives me great control. Thank you! Any plans on getting a Michigan distributor on board?


  24. Picked up this stuff at my local barber shop in Salt Lake City…and I love it. I had been bouncing all over the place between gels and pastes and waxes for years. Never again will i use anything else on my hair. I love the no-shine hold that also doesn’t clump the hair too much. And the tub lasts a good while too!

  25. The matte paste is far superior than any other matte pomade I have ever tried. It has hold, but won’t turn your hair into a hard shell. I have thick hair so I find it works best if my hair is still damp when I add it in. If you want a slick look, apply it when your hair is still wet. It washes out really easily too. You get a healthy portion for the money. This tub is going to last a LONG time. I have since purchased Imperial’s shaving products and I’m really pleased with them as well. Feel good about supporting a small company. I’m a huge fan Imperial — thanks.

  26. Such a great product, it has the perfect consistency for a structured hold but no crunchiness or wet look! It is easily reactivated by adding water throughout the day, please do not discontinue this product, I’m a customer for life!

  27. Outstanding product from an excellent company. In my experience, the paste/pomade is easy to apply. On dry hair I usually use a nickel size then mixed with very little/ drop of water then style hair with fingers moving from back to front then right to left. Another cool trick is to warm the product up with a hair dryer then apply. It’s OK to apply on damp hair but you have to make sure proper separation is done by rubbing the paste( small amount goes a long way) evenly on your palm, then apply by fingertips. A great pomade worth 24 bucks.

  28. This is exactly what I was looking for. This stuff is the real deal and does exactly what it says. Thanks Imperial for not writing a BS description. I couldn’t be happier with this stuff. I comb my hair, try to keep it neat, but with fine hair it would blow all over the place and stand on end. This keeps it under control without looking like a guy who gels his hair. Perfect.

  29. Hello, I am a barber from NYC, based in Berlin.
    I had tried your products and I think they are really good.
    I would like have the possibility to try a sample of the shaving cream.
    if possible, please, send to this address>

    Wheadon / Wohlfuhle ist Hautsache
    Steinstrasse 17, 10119 Berlin.

    best Regards
    Will Expo

  30. Been changing different hair gel/pomade brand and forms, use them for a little while then ended up throwing them, try another brand.. same result, not a good hold, flaking, itchy head, too shiny…
    but not anymore when my daughter gave me this IMPERIAL MATTE POMADE PASTE, am impressed by its hold and texture. I get the kind of hold I want just by adding a bit of water, easy to work on your palm and rinsed with plain water too. No itchiness even if I wear it for a day or two. Excellent product.

  31. We anticipate having our products available in Germany in 2016. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on their availability.

  32. Absolutely, you just need to really work the paste through your hair either with your hands or a comb until the product is worked completely into your hair.

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