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Gel Pomade

Goes on Light - Dries in Tight

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Net Wt. 12 oz. / 340 ml.

Our water-based, hydrating vitamin B5 infused GEL POMADE combines the best properties of gels and pomades to create a new hybrid styling medium. GEL POMADE goes in light and smooth and provides a sculptable precision that will dry into the hair and harden for an all day, stay-in-place hold. The strength of the hold is determined by the amount of product used and the amount of water in your hair during application. GEL POMADE works well as a base, some users mix or “cocktail” this product along with our FIBER GREASE or CLASSIC POMADE for precise holds on the sides or to add volume with a light blow dry. GEL POMADE is especially good for finer hair as it will thicken and enhance volume and will also enhance curls if crunched into hair. And again, as in all our finishing products, it’s water-reactivatable and conveniently rinses out.


  • Water-based
  • Medium / Strong hold
  • Hydrating Vitamin B5 infused
  • Dries into / Hardens
  • No melting / No flaking
  • Adds Volume
  • Rinses Clean and Easy

Best For:

  • All Hair Types
  • Tight styles
  • Very straight hair
  • Enhancing curls

User Reviews & Tips

  1. I bought this product from Scott at ‘Razor Blades’ on 4th and Redondo and I have to say this 12oz tub goes along way! A fanastic product and by far the best gel I have used in my 24yrs using gel!!!! Great value for money too!!!!

  2. Just picked some of this up from The Proper Barbershop a few weeks ago, and absolutely love it, great hold and works perfectly for my hair, now just have to get the styling down, GREAT PRODUCTS ALL AROUND. Thanks!

  3. Placed an order after seeing your product in Playboy magazine. Received my order in two days! Packaging was very impressive! Thanks for the samples, comb and handwritten thank you note. Product is just as good as it looks. I have thick wavy hair and your Gel Pomade held it down quite impressively! Already getting compliments on the scent of your after shave. Look forward to being a repeat customer and trying more of your products. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Just got the Gel Pomade. {Goes on Light – Dries in Tight} AMAZING!!! WOW! Fantastic product!

  5. This stuff is amazing! My order came the next day and it works awesome for my thick curly hair. My barber in Santa Ana Ca (American Barber Shop) had a few samples of it and I was hooked. Nothing compared! Great packaging as well!!

    Highly recommended.

  6. I purchased the Gel Pomade, the Fiber Pomade, and the shave oil my first round with Imperial Barber Products. All three of those are fantastic. My first haircut after the product arrived my barber spent the entire time raving about how amazing the product I was using was. He thought my hair looked better than John Edwards after his infamous $400 haircut (or however much that was). I mix the gel and fiber together, about two to one and I love it. The shave oil is so good I’m buying the shave soap and aftershave as well. And this stuff is super affordable! Do yourself a favor, get onboard with Imperial Barber Products.

  7. I just purchsed this NEW gel from my salon for my Husband. He used to use Murray’s a lot when he was young. Murray’s really used to pull out his hair as he pomp’s it. So he switched to gel. By far this gel is working wonderfully. He has tried every product you can think of. Finally, I found him something he likes!!!

    Also as a female I have tried it on myself and feels light, not clumpy, and doesn’t split. OOOH! and it doesn’t stain. Johnny B’s your out!

    I would Definitly Recommend this product!!!

  8. The real deal. Over the past 25 years I must have tried hundreds of products that never worked out. This is by far the best hair product I’ve used. I have thin, curly hair and you would never know when I’m done. What I do is use a quarter sized amount. I apply to towel dried hair and hard part. Then I use a course brush to straiten the hair. Blow dry for a minute alternating between warm and cool. Then brush out. Perfect. My hair looks thick and well styled. I just pray imperial barber products never goes out of business. Between the face soap, after shave and this, I don’t know what I’d do if they did.

  9. Don’t worry, Imperial isn’t going anywhere.Thank you for the support Anthony. Keep rock’n it tight!

  10. I went to Vinny’s Barbershop on N. Virgil in Los Angeles today and my barber Omar used Imperial Gel Pomade after my cut. At the time it seemed like a little much to pay ($21), but after having it on all day… it is perfect. It smells great, leaves a subtle shine and it holds up really well. He showed me how sticky it was on his hands and its pretty tough. I am going to have to go back to Vinny’s and pick up a jar especially after all these other good reviews.

  11. Had a great talk today with Scott at Razorbacks Barber Shop, regarding how great the Imperial Gel Pomade is! It’s a great product!

    I am looking forward in trying the Classic Pomade and shaving product line…

    Thanks for answering all my questions , you guys ROCK!!!!!!

  12. just wanted to say that I’m pleased with your product, my name is frank and i use your pomade and its the shit. as a fireman in los angeles putting on a helmet on and off f -ups your hair and after using your pomade things are much better. thanks for such a great hair product.

  13. Such a great product! The 12oz tub lasts for such a long time! Really good value for money when you consider the quality of the product and how long it lasts.. My hair is quite straight but I find this product makes it easy to style and holds it in place all day long! Thumbs up, definitely my new go to product!

  14. I have quite a bit of fine hair that I comb back and until this product, had a hard time finding a product that would keep my hair in place all day. This is a great product for fine hair and with the large tub, it should last me for quite some time. Great job Imperial Barber!

  15. Second time I’ve used Imperial Barber products and I have to say it’s THE BEST!!… I’ve used the classic pomade and now I’m gonna try the gel pomade and see how it works.. But I’m sure it wont disappoint just like the rest of your products. Best hair products for the dapper man

  16. You would be crazy not to purchase this gel or any product from imperial for that matter! I’ve been using another brand for years and ever since I switched to using Imperial my hair has been looking so much better. I have pretty thick hair that is out of control and in order to achieve that tame slicked back look, I needed to use a shit ton of gel which costed me a lot of $$$. With this particular product, I can achieve that look with ease. Great quality and price! Without a doubt, 5 stars.

  17. I recently purchased some of your Gel Pomade from a seller on and have been absolutely impressed with your product. I have used so many different pomades and waxes that I’ve honestly lost count, but this Gel Pomade not only works extremely well, but also comes in a 12oz tub that has a wonderful sent and very nice packaging and label.

    I don’t know how you guys managed to get a gel that holds really well without the greasy, heaviness that most gels seem to have, and it doesn’t flake or get itchy throughout the day.

    Keep up the great work guys! I’ll be buying this Gel Pomade from now on! Thanks for making a great product!


    PS. Please make some Beard products like Beard Balm, Shampoo and Oil.

  18. By far one of the finest products I’ve ever used. Great for hat wearers.

  19. I see this product at my barber shop in riverside ca “boardwalk barbershop” but would wish if they have some free samples to try it out. I hear good things but at 24 dollars kinda hesitant. So my tip maybe some sampled would be koo

  20. Great value! Here is how i use it .I blow dry my hair first. I don’t like the hard feel so I put a little in my hands with a few drops of water. I spread evenly throughout my hair styling my hair as I go rather quickly. Then let gel-pomade dry in. Okay this is key. Hair is hard (some like that but not me) so I now run my fingers throughout hair finger combing. Crunch goes away, hair is soft. Holds all day. I can add a little water later in day if I want to restyle. Great stuff and great way to use it. Try it if you dont like the crunch feel. I love this stuff

  21. Sweet stuff! Works well as a base, and then a light around of pomade formalin hold. Works well if blowdryed as well. Beware: if you’re using it as a standalone you may have to use a bit more than the amount you would use if you were using regular pomade. But whatever, it’s still worth. Also, it’s TWELVE OUNCES. I’ll NEVER run out.

  22. I have had many hairstyles since I was a kid and I have tried a lot of hair gels. I finally grew my hair out to a slicked back hard part come over. Now the problem I have is I have two cowlicks at my hair line and the classic pomade to light to get my hair the way I need it. This product is the best I have ever used and the hold is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone. I also love how you can throw some water on your hair, after the gel has dried, fix a problem area and the gel hardens back up. GREAT PRODUCT.