Fiber Pomade
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Fiber Pomade

All-Around-Utility Finishing Product

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Net Wt. 6 oz / 177 ml

Our water-based FIBER POMADE (a.k.a. FIBER GREASE) is a highly pliable texturizing product full of extra-long fibers that are more exaggerated than the average fiber grease. The result is a versatile medium hold product with custom texture fibers and a slight sheen. Without the added weight of traditional greases, our FIBER POMADE works well for messy or “bed-head” looks by adding texture and pliability to hair. FIBER POMADE is also great for our biker customers who want an easy re-style after the helmet comes off, meaning no more “helmet head.” FIBER POMADE, the “All-around-utility finishing product.”


  • Highly pliable re-stylable
  • Will not dry into hair
  • Long texturizing fibers
  • Medium hold/Higher sheen
  • Water-based
  • Rinses clean and easy

Best For:

  • All hair types
  • Messy, loose styles
  • Slightly lighter hold
  • “Helmet head” re-style

User Reviews & Tips

  1. I like to keep my hair short, and regardless of whether I want a clean or messy look, Fiber Grease works great without being heavy.

  2. I am a licensed barber and a fine pomade is a necessity.
    Upon discovering Fiber Grease Pomade, I have become a product snob! Fiber Grease is unique in the way it spreads, holds and styles. It is smooth and makes hair more manageable.
    It works great on damp hair, which is perfect for the majority of men that don’t own blow-dryers. It has a pleasant scent and washes clean away with one wash.
    FIBER GREASE POMADE is the pomade for my well-groomed client!

  3. Shipment arrived yesterday – I used the Fiber Grease product late night and again this morning. I have to tell you…it really is wonderful stuff. I’ve tried about everything and nothing has worked so well or made such an instant impression (hence the hasty, first-day-of-use email). Anyhow, consider me a fan.

    Thanks again. I look forward to continued use of Imperial Products.

  4. I’m very impressed with this product. By far the best hair product I’ve ever used. This gives you a great shine and a long lasting hold. You don’t need to apply tons of this to your hair. As a bonus, its smells great. For $20 this I a great offer.

  5. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I started using your products just recently and they rock. Huge, HUGE fan of the Fiber Grease – been using the Aveda stuff for ever, and that was good – but this stuff is great. Keeps my hair from getting all crazy whenever I take my patrol cap on/off, and keeps me looking professional.

    Just wanted to tell you thanks for making a great (affordable) product. Also, thanks for the free samples of the gel pomade and aftershave!



  6. This is the product I have waited for, Fiber Pomade has all the properties of an old school grease. It slicks back with ease, remains comb-able through the day, but washes out clean with with water. Perfect for a 20’s slick back or adding some body. Good job guys, I swear by this stuff!

  7. Fiber Pomade has infinite and reshapable hold that’s not greasy. Imperial Barber Product is just plain siiick! In a good way of course. Cheers!

  8. yo all the way from malaysia,

    but this fibre grease is the real deal.

    my hair looking solid whole day.

    fantastic product! too bad some gotta wait till august

  9. I was introduced to this product by my stylist Pony Lee Estrange at Folklore Salon in Echo Park. I have never been so impressed with hair product before. The Fiber Pomade allows my wavy hair to straighten for a classic business look that last all day long! The fragrance is refreshing and my girlfriend uses it to hold her pomp when she goes retro as well! Thanks for a superior product

  10. This product is fantastic. I have fine hair and Fiber Pomade gives just the right amout of hold while making my hair look and feel thicker. Try a nicklel-sized dollop on towel dried hair, blow dry, then the same amount on dry hair to shape & style. A little goes a long way so a container will last a while. Thanks for the great customer service, Imperial.

  11. This is what I have been waiting for . I have been using the OG layrite and the fiber grease worked wonders. Great for slick backs I wear a ball cap half the time and when im at work i cant. Its easy to reshape after taking the cap off. Any one with helmet or hat hair this is the product for you.

  12. I purchased this produce a week or so ago and i love it; however, I wish it didn’t use any petro-based ingredients. Are there any plans to make a fiber pomade this good without using petrolatum?

  13. You guys just keep impressing me. I don’t think I’ve ever used a product that worked quite like this. Really, seriously impressed.

  14. Before using the fiber pomade I was used to other products letting my hair fall apart at the end of a 6 hour shift. I’m about half way done with my first tub and can honestly say I’ve never been disappointed with it. A friend recommended me the fiber pomade based on my hair type (thick, slightly curly) and it was the perfect call. Next I’m going to try the classic pomade for a tighter grip, but the fiber works great when you want to look like David Lynch

  15. Imperial Fiber Pomade is the best stuff on the market. First i have to say the shipping is so fast. I live in NYC and the pomade got to my house in two days from california. I always used American Crew before coming into this stuff; but after trying this, I will never go back. I use about a quarter, put it in my hair, comb it back, and I am good for the day. The best part is that it is reshape-able with just a little water. Plus my girlfriend loves the smell. Next i’m going to try the Classic Pomade. Thanks guys

  16. My husband is so picky about his hair products, but I decided to gamble on Imperial’s Fiber Pomade. He LOVES it. It doesn’t weigh down his fine, straight hair, styles easily, and he loves that it’s water activated so he can easily fix his style when he needs to. The finish is just shiny enough to catch the light and highlight how great he looks. Plus it smells wonderful. Thank you!

  17. Just started using the fiber pomade and I love it. I’ve used other pomades before and ended not liking it and going back to using gel. Then I was told about the fiber pomade and I should have been using this a long time ago. Best thing about this product is I can fix my hair and not have to worry about helmet head. I’m going to try the classic next after im done with the fiber. Thanks guys for making a damn good product

  18. Just received my Fiber Pomade. I have been meaning to buy this product for a very long time now and had been waiting until I ran out of my retail chain store product that I use.

    Everything about this product is a class act, from the impeccable exterior packaging, to the refined look of the actual product, and down to the smell of it.

    I’m sure most will first be detoured by the price vs. quantity of it but when you really break it down and see what you’re getting, its actually cheaper b/c you don’t need to use as much of it and to top it off…we should do more to support folks like Imperial, they are a rarity these days and I can only hope more will use their stuff.

    You’ve found a customer for life. Thank you!


  19. The search is over. I’ve finally found a hair product that gives me the hold i need with fairly curly hair and doesn’t harden like a rock. I bought a can of your Fiber Pomade after getting my haircut at FSC Barber in SoHo and it is the shit! I’ve gotten many compliments since beginning use, and my hair smells like Bubblicious Watermelon gum now, which kicks ass. Thanks dudes, and keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

  20. Just went into Razorbacks Barber Shop and got a clean cut!
    Thanks Joel!
    I use the Classic Pomade (dig it) and asked about the Fiber. Picked up a tin and WOW, I love this product. As he explained it goes in soft, holds great and adds a shine.
    Previously I would add a topper to add shine but I no longer have to.

  21. This fiber pomade is a best product to use for all biker customers.

  22. Best product ever. Nick the barber in SF turned me on to Imperial and i have used it and nothing else for the last 2 years.

  23. Usually I never bother reviewing any products I purchase online but as soon as I stepped away from the mirror I had to come straight to my computer. This is hands the BEST styling product I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my hair. I’ve been searching for the proper product for years, I’ve even tried mixing and matching different things and nothing can even compare to how this product works. And talk about value…the jug is way bigger than I expected and I figure it’ll last me a solid couple of months. Bravo, boys..bravo

  24. Great stuff!! I have used everything out there to comb my really straight thick hair with and this is the only stuff that really works. Loves it!!!

    I have changed barbers but not this stuff.

  25. This was my first Imperial product and it sold me immediately. I had tried a ton of different hair styling products before reading about this online. Now, this is the ONLY one that I use (okay, okay, I do use the Imperial Classic Pomade if I need the extra hold). Shower, towel dry your hair and rub this between your hands with just a dab of cold water and the magic begins. Applies easily, with the right amount of shine and really pulls the layers in my hair apart nicely. (I do the standard side part but have my hair heavily layered and just “comb” it with my fingers.) I recieved more compliments after using this product than when I first had my hair styled at the salon!

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