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Classic Pomade

America’s Strongest Water-based Pomade

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Net Wt. 6 oz. / 177 ml.

Our industrial strength CLASSIC POMADE is America’s strongest holding water-based pomade. With an even and smooth application, the CLASSIC POMADE also allows you to adjust the hold strength depending on the amount of water in your hair. For a lighter hold, apply with water or on damp hair while the strongest hold can be achieved with a slightly heavier amount on dry hair. Our CLASSIC POMADE is also water reactivatable, which allows for easy re-styling with just a bit of water. And the best part? You get an amazing hold with the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy. Get that traditional American style with our CLASSIC POMADE, the best water-based pomade on the market.


  • Industrial strength hold
  • Water-based
  • Applies smoothly and even
  • Semi-sheen
  • Water reactivatable
  • Rinses clean and easy

Best For:

  • Most hair types
  • The side-parted “Cub Scout style”
  • Slicked-back styles
  • Pompadour styles
  • Holds down curly/wavy hair

User Reviews & Tips

  1. I think that the Classic Pomade the best in the product line depending on how much you use you can do numerous styles. Also, since it has a real strong hold it is able to tame curly hair and hair with strong cowlicks. In my experience with pomades, the Imperial Classic Pomade is the only one that has been able to hold all day and still look like it was freshly put in without looking greasy and since it’s water-based it washes out easy.

  2. I used two of the products and both of them worked amazing. After spending years with Murray’s it’s really nice to have a water based formula that actually holds like a pomade but still washes out, and Classic Pomade was just that…  I’m really into what you’re doing and I plan on using the products for some time to come.  

  3. I’ve tried a lot of pomades throughout the years, and none of them even come close to holding as good as Imperial Classic Pomade. I’ll never switch.

  4. Hi everyone at Imperial,

    I’m 35 years old and I’ve made it this far in life without ever writing a thank you note to a product or retailer before but here goes… I just wanted to thank you guys. I received my order yesterday afternoon and used the Classic Pomade for the first time this morning. I was so impressed when I opened the box to find, my new pomade, two stickers, a comb, and a really nicely done, full sized, folded product list. Well done. The packaging and the branding are amazing.

    I have used Dax for going on 16 or 17 years now. I occasionally have tried other products to see if they could match it in texture, hold and styling while being easier to wash out. Nothing ever really came close. One day into using Imperial and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. You nailed it.

    My wife and I, as well as the vast majority of our friends, work in the fashion and arts industries, and I will make sure I let everyone I know, how perfect Imperial Barber Products are.

    Thanks again.


  5. Just started using the classic pomade.
    The product is perfect. Simple. If i buy a box is there a discount of any kind? if yes how many come in a box?

  6. Just recieved my classic pomade via UPS and immediately opened the box to try it out. I may have used a little too much because i almost wasnt able to get comb that came with it through my hair. This stuff is amazing! Its super dense and strong so a little goes a long way, and holds wayyyy better than Layrite (which i end up having to use a lot more of to hold down those stray hairs).
    From now on im using Imperial

  7. Victor Banuelos from Sweeney Todd’s recommended this so I’m gonna check it out. Looks like it will keep the waves at bay.

  8. I’ve been using the Classic Pomade for a few days now – I must say it is indeed a great product. I really like that it’s water based and soluble. The hold is very strong and it smells good to boot. I also really appreciated the hand written note and extra ‘freebies’ included in the packaging. The only recommendation I would suggest is a 3oz TSA/Travel friendly size! Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. I’ve been using the Classic Pomade for a few days now — I must say it is indeed a great product. I really like that it’s water based and easy to wash out. The hold is very strong and my wife and daughters love how it smells . I also really appreciated the personalized hand written note and extra ‘freebies’ included in the packaging. I got one of the last 4 before you sold out. Imperial Barber Products Rock !

  10. This product is great. It holds well and like others have said smells great good but isn’t over powering. I really appreciate the hand written note that came with it in the mail. Nice for a little personal connection nowadays.

  11. Just tried the Classic Pomade. Where has this been all my life? Great product! FYI: read about Imperial in May Playboy.
    ~Rockin’ it tight in Chicago.


  13. Nice sheen, hold and clean scent. Will buy again

  14. Hello, I bought the Classic Pomade about two months ago, and I wanted to write an email to express how happy I’ve been with the product. It might as well be the best pomade I’ve ever used. I’ve tried searching many different hair products to try to control and style my extremely thick, straight, Mexican hair into a classic business man cut. Many other pomades I’ve used were either not strong enough, or was just not enough there to use, I would finish it after a couple uses.
    To be completely honest, I was a bit hesitant to buy the Classic Pomade due to the price, $25 after shipping. But I was still on my search to find my perfect product, so I gave it a shot. Once it arrived I was immediately won over by the little gifts that came along, a comb, sticker, and short hand-written note. Any smart business knows that to succeed you need to create a personal experience with the customer, so good job with that! Simple but effective. But I was very impressed with the amount of pomade that I received. Any doubts with price was erased when I saw how much I got for my moneys worth. Other products I felt just didn’t have enough pomade, using the packaging as way to deceive the customer, which required me to keep buying it every often. But looking at the size of the container made me a very happy person.
    But of course the quality was the true test. Was it able to style my hair and hold it strong without having my thick hair stick out? It absolutely was. It’s the best hair product I’ve used to style my hair. It has the strong hold, the shine I like, and washes out with no problem. After two months of regular use, I’m ready to buy the Classic Pomade again. I just wanted to let Imperial Barbers know what a great job they’re doing releasing such great products, and to keep it going! Thank you very much!

  15. I’ve been using waxes, pomades, gels, etc. for years. Trying to always find that perfect look that works with my thick wavy dry hair. All pomades I’ve used caused my scalp to itch and turn red, especially if left in for very long. Then along came Imperial. Hands down the best pomade I’ve ever used and it doesn’t irritate my scalp.

  16. This product is amazing. Not only am I able to get an amazing hold, I am also able to wash it off easily. This pomade even keeps my cowlick in check, which is something no other water based pomade was able to do. This company KNOWS how to make an amazing product.
    When I first saw the price, I closed the screen because I was not going to pay $20 for a hair product. But, I started reading more reviews, I said screw it and ordered it. Ever since the first use, I am now sold on this and have never looked back.
    Cheers to the great minds at Imperial Barber Products.

  17. I love the Classic Pomade. Scent free, killer hold, and water based. Lovely stuff!!

  18. A Your Classic Pomade (and I’ve tried em all–from Ghetto Cheapies to $75 tiny tubs from French stylists, all of them Craptacular) is the Bee’s Knees!
    Keep rawkin the Best Stuff!!


  19. This is a great product I would recommend to anyone, and if you don’t like to buy stuff online I got mine at RazorBacks in Long Beach, after a great haircut. I wish Imperial and RazorBacks great success cause you’ve created an amazing product.

  20. Just got my stuff in the mail. Best pomade ever. I was always a murrays guy and I still like their stuff but I have been won over. This pomade is very versatile. Washes out great. Good smell. Highly highly recommended. The shaving products have also won me over, especially the aftershave. I’ve been a clubman man for a while but the Imperial aftershave is by far the best. Keep making awesome stuff.

  21. Received my products today from Imperial, the Bergamot After-shave is awesome and a hit with my Italian girlfriend, who has switched her brother and father on to it! The Classic Pomade is everything and more than I expected.
    I ordered from England and the goods were dispatched very quickly, only for UK customs to hold my order and charge import duty. However the chaps at Imperial have made some superb products and they are well worth the money!
    I will be ordering again and this time will stock up and bulk order with friends.
    Here’s hoping for a UK supplier soon!

  22. Just wanted to drop you guys a note regarding the Classic Pomade. I just received this and am loving it already. I had been using Crew’s pomade for a while and there is absolutely no comparison. I’m a cosmetic chemist and think this product is top notch, packaging and formula. Thanks again!

  23. Best pomade ever used and I’ve tried most. Looks great,smells great and not hard to wash out.You can’t ask for more order this now.

  24. This is far superior to any other pomade I have tried. It holds extremely well with a touch of shine, depending on how much product you use–and it’s surprising how little you need.

    The hold is adjustable based on how wet your hair is–the wetter the hair, the lighter the hold. It has a great, subtle smell, and rinses out easily, which is rare for a pomade.

    It even works well in combination with other products! I tend to mix it with a bit of Baxter of California’s Hard Water Pomade to get some extra shine and less hold, though I believe using Imperial’s Fiber Pomade gives the same result as that combo.

    The Imperial customer service, I should mention, is fantastic. They reply promptly and are extremely friendly.

  25. I think I’ve tried 15 different pomades and this is the best product I have ever put in my hair. Thanks for helping me keep my game tight!

  26. The best Mens hair products on the market. Finally done trying different hair products. Nuff said…

  27. i like how it holds, and how nice my dome comes out but i dont like how it can melt in the sun…

  28. I checked nearby vendors for this classic pomade, but they were all out of stock – now I know why. How can a pomade at this great a value give such strong yet flexible hold? Don’t don;t even think about washing your hair out at the end of the day, keep it in because your hair on the second day of this stuff looks even better than the first. And when it’s time to wash it out, it rinses off effortlessly easy. I don’t know how y’all at Imperial are doin it, but don’t stop making it, and I for sure will keep buying it. Convert your family and friends immediately.

  29. Tried the Matte Paste… loved it. Tried the Fiber Pomade… LOVED IT. And now I just ordered the classic because… seriously I’m super excited.

  30. Tried all the competition for 20+ years. I am from Texas and love the old look of the Texas cowboys from the 50’s. Nothing better than classic pomade… Even keeps hair just right after wearing a hat all day long. No BS, just the real deal. I must say that I was looking for a comb in my package…

  31. I’ve used a few different pomades over the years for a slick back look and this classic I bought from you guys is by far the best stuff I’ve ever used. Great hold, great smell and is easily manageable (doesn’t pull my hair out when I comb it!). The fact that it is Vegan friendly and plugged on the Discerning Brute blog is what sparked my interest. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

  32. I just wanted to say first off that your products are great. My hair can get kind of curly but the classic pomade works fantastic at keeping a slick look. I just got the hair/shave bundle for Christmas and look forward to using all of your products. My only complaint is it was missing the pocket comb. Not the biggest deal but I thought it would be cool to have and wanted you to be aware some of the packs may be missing them.

    Thanks again,


  33. I heard about your product on Huckberry and purchased the Shave/hair bundle with the Classic Pomade. After shaving with your products my face felt amazing and my hair looked great! I have been a user of layrite for about 6-10 months as that’s what my barber uses on me and i liked it. After 1 night out on the town using the Pomade my hair was flawless. Even better when I woke up all i needed was tk add a little water to my hair and it looked just as good as the night before. (And I’m a pretty violent sleeper)
    Pretty sure I’m now a convert. Now, to get my barber to get on board. 😉 Keep it up Imperial! Your product is amazing!

  34. Received my order today. From the first try I can already say this is my favorite pomade to date. Amazing stuff! Thanks!
    Have any retailers in Sweden gotten in touch with you yet? It’d be great to be able to buy it here too. In the meantime, I’ll go back to the webstore whenever I run out.

    Best of luck with the brand.


  35. Long-winded review…. GO! I’ve been a classic pomade guy for years (Murrays, etc). Periodically I try out something a little lighter and water-based to give my hair and scalp a rest but always come back to Murray’s because I’m never quite satisfied with other products. Imperial may just be the product that I stay with from now on. The hold is great, and I find it doesn’t require much pomade to keep my hair in place. In fact, I find the hold is actually better for me if my hair is a bit damp and i use the product sparingly (which, strangely enough is the opposite of what Imperial suggests). I have fairly course hair that gets a bit of a curl/wave to it when damp, which is why i’ve always gone for such heavy products in the past, especially as my hair gets a bit longer. Imperial actually keeps it straighter and more stylable than any other product does. The feel of it is more pomade-like than most water-based pomades, which I usually think just feel like expensive gels. It does harden to a degree, but it doesn’t get crunchy and stays somewhat pliable. I’ve tried restyling it in the morning before showering and it’s pretty easy to get it from looking “slept-on” to styled – plus it doesn’t flake off when dry-combing like some water-based products. The only downside (though this may be an upside for many) is that it doesn’t have any shine once it dries. The website gives the impression that it does, and maybe if you load a ton into dry hair it will, but my experience is that it dries quite matte. I can’t say this is really a strike against the company as I think this is just the nature of water based products. All in all, this is the best water-based product I’ve used. For people like me, who’ve always used a more traditional grease but want to try something that you can actually wash out, this is probably the product for you. I found there was a bit of a learning curve just because it’s water-based but once I had that dialled in, it’s damn near perfect.

  36. I have been a Layrite man for the past couple of years and within two days of using Imperial Classic, I am a complete convert. It doesn’t dry as hard (a positive in my books) and the shine is perfect.

  37. The best hair product I’ve ever used, period. My hair is thin (not thinning), just thin, and most products don’t work well with my hair. This product provides ample hold and has a clean, nice smelling scent. I do a hard part and this product goes in with ease (damp). The hold lasts and it washes out easy. Classic also gives a nice shin to the hair. The pomade moves swiftly with any comb. If you’re out wheeling the ladies and a need a quick touch-up, look no further to water. Water also seems to reactive the hold, but won’t lose it’s hold or shine.

    Overall, I’m extremely happy I found out about this product and will continue to use it. Re-stock!

  38. To start, I’ve been waiting for this stuff to be restocked since early February since all I’ve heard are rave reviews. I stumbled on a small “all American” store that had it in stock and had to buy it. I am immediately and completely impressed with the Classic Pomade. I have been using Layrite Super Hold for about 4-5 months now and love the stuff, but the Imperial classic pomade simply works better! Find it, order it, buy it!!!

  39. Love the product, just got it yesterday and I love the hold and the nice smell. Overall a good product, just a little pricey at $20. If this was a $15 product then I would be a loyal supporter, but at $20 it is just too pricey for me.

  40. I have been using pomade and gel from American crew, I prefer imperial barber pomade then any other products.i love this stuff, I’m going to be a loyal supporter.oh I have try the shaving product from my barber.i love it, and know I have Oder it online.i bought my pomade from uptown whittier barber shop.

  41. After trying just about every pomade I could get my hands on, I’ve finally found my favorite. great stuff.

  42. WOW!! This stuff is the best just got mine 3 days ago and I cant believe how good it work I will deff order more!

  43. I just got this stuff this morning! I’m from Taiwan(asia)
    I’m a Layrite man before! But one of my friend recommended this thing to me! And the smell is great and the most important thing is it can hold all day even I wear a hat!and it’s really easy to build my hair! As you see Asians hair is pretty soft and thin! But when I use imperial problem goes away! The only thing I complain is the prizes in Taiwan is ridiculas hahaha!!
    It’s almost 30box because I can’t order it but only one shop in Taiwan can!!! I’ll buy a dozen when I go to LA next time. Thanks imperial.

  44. I got the product this morning! and It’s pretty difficult to get it! because I live in Taiwan! It’s really hard to buy pomade products! what a pity….. I used to be a LAYRITE user! I used to think that is the best,but when I got this! I was totally wrong! Its incredible!
    Its easy to build my hair and can hold all day even I wear a hat!! AWESOME!! as you see we ASIANS hair is pretty soft and thin,but Imperial can easily do anything I want in my hair. I will keep buying it! In Taiwan hairstyle is variegation! but in these days pomade is getting famous and famous!so I google the product!LAYRITE just came out my screen,but now Imperial becomes my wallpaper! The only thing I want to complaint is the prize in TAIWAN!! Its ridiculous!! Almost 30 BOX and only one shop can order it!! I will buy a dozen next time when I go to LA!! Hope it will give me a special discount for me hahaha!!

  45. I’ve been using your classic pomade for the last week or so, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier.

  46. I am a big fan. I wish it was packaged in something other than plastic though.

  47. Question for any of you:

    I recently heard of these products. I am very interested in hearing how this product can be used on wavy to curly haired men such as myself. I am used to using gel which doesn’t help straighten my hair but gives it a nice wet look and hold. I would prefer a more business style look with a part and some volume. My problem is, when I try this style, my hair looks like you can go surfing on it with all its’ waves. Any ideas on how this or any product can do for me what Justin Timberlake’s hair transformation did to him?

  48. Used the classic pomade for the first time last night and I must say I am blown away. Amazing product !
    Another satisfied customer…

  49. now i’ve used just about every wax based, hair creme, and water soluble pomade there is under the sun. but there’s only one that i can say works consistently well – imperial classic pomade. i don’t even remember how i came across imperial and frankly, i don’t care. it works, it works, it works. damn well at that. it has great, long-lasting hold that doesn’t seem to waver even through hot days. it tames my stubborn cowlicks and holds down the sides with ease keeping a fresh, groomed appearance throughout the day. best part is, it washes out completely leaving your pillow free of wax and grease at night. if you’re hesitant about this product because of the not-so-cheap price tag, do so no longer. buy it. try it. love it. and all buyer’s remorse will be swept away.

    incredible product!

  50. Heard about these guys from the art of manliness website. Imperial really does have a great product. Classic pomade smells great, easy to put in your hair, and doesn’t look greasy or flake in your hair. Also there was a gift note on mine since it was a present and it was hand written, which definitely tells me they know a thing or two about customer service. Will be trying more products soon.

  51. Imperial could give a money back guarantee on this product. Don’t believe me? Just look at the other reviews. Heck, you’ve probably not made it this far! Oh you have? What the hell are you doing already! Throw away your other products – including that 5 year old plastic can of the oh so manly Axe pomade you keep around in case you run out! This stuff smells wonderful. It rinses almost completely clean before you’ve even put shampoo in your hand. If you’re in a little rain, just pull out the comb they’ve included and give it a once through. Voile!!! Back to perfect. Buy it! $20 is a lot of money, but not nearly as much as all the money you’ve blown through trying inferior products before this one. And it’s NOT a lot of money when you see how little you use every day! This stuff is great. Oh, and it’s MADE IN ‘MERICA!!!!

  52. I just wanted to take the time to say that your classic pomade is hands down the best product I’ve used. It’s amazing. The hold, the scent, everything. I’ve used quite a few pomades before in an attempt to get a clean side part, and I was never successful. Then I got your pomade and now I get a clean style every time. So thank you. I’m sure you guys get these emails a lot but I figured one more couldn’t hurt. Imperial Classic Pomade is going to be the only pomade I buy from now on.

  53. I love the pomade, i just wished that they can fix the cap issue. The cap doesn’t stay on sometimes and comes off so easily, they need to either redesign it or fix the issue.

  54. You guys are the absolute best. Having a side-parted pomp, I needed something to keep my hair tight and full of shine. This product did exactly that! I’ve been using this product for about five months, and I still haven’t ran out! A little goes a long way. I get compliments on a daily basis on my hair, and it’s all thanks to you guys. Keep up the fan?tastic work, and I can’t wait what you guys come up with next!

  55. I wanted to try this after reading the review on rebelrouser.
    So I tried out Tip Top barber shop in uptown Whittier, CA and the shop carries Imperial.
    I have thin hair. I apply the pomade on drier hair. This stuff
    Works great! I can manage my hair and it holds all day.
    In my opinion it leaves a matte finish which is ok but if you want shiny, you may have to add a topper.

  56. This is the best product on the market. It rinses out easily and holds perfectly for that classic mid-century style. I finally have a nice pompadour that stays in place and keeps its shine.

  57. Awesome product – definitely recommend Imperial pomade. I was looking for a good waterbased product and found the review on Rebel Rouser’s blog. I was buying the crap from the dept store and wasn’t happy with any of them. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other products. The handwritten note and bonus comb were an excellent touch also.

  58. First I woukd like to say the classic pomade does work…just differently than I thought it would. I’m just curious if I’m using it wrong or what? I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair and put it in and get my hair parted and it holds. Although my issue is that it dries crunchy and a little stiff. Not that its bad but just that’s why I use pomade is to get away from that crunchy feel for a softerfeel. So I would have to ssay I am disappointed after reading all the reviews and feedback of how great a pomade this is only to get it in the mail and basicallyits a gel I’m using. Again maybe I’m doing something wrong or I don’t know but i just hate having crunchy hair and when i use this thats what i get so nat that it doesnt work just not at all what I was expecting to get.

  59. First off, I love Imperial Classic Pomade. I have tried many different products such as Layrite, Suavacito, Admiral, and many others. Nothing holds and has that natural look like imperial. The only flaw that I noticed was actually the perfume/scent. It can definitely take you breath away! Of corse that would never detour me from using a great product but I would love to see you guys create something with less of a smell to it. Other then that, awesome product!

  60. This is the only product I trust in my hair. Great hold and easy to use. I’ve noticed that you folks stopped adding the sticker tab that wraps onto the lid to seal the canister. While it’s not devastating, it was a nice touch that I personally will miss. Sometimes it’s the little things, and this particular one was noted right away.

  61. Just wondering when the classic pomade will be available again because I can’t love without!

  62. Greetings from Belgium Imperial.
    Love your products , top quality
    During a regular day I use the mate paste pomada. However when I’m going out I mix the paste with classic pomade to add some extra strenght. Is this something you support or rather not advice?

  63. I was skeptical to try this product because there are so many positive reviews on this site and on amazon that I questioned their authenticity. How can so many people say that this pomade was so awesome, had to be some imperial barber employee posting fake reviews…..right?…wrong. This stuff really is awesome.

    BUT, there are two flaws: firstly, the scent is watermelon. Why on earth did they choose watermelon for a man’s product? Who was the test group for that decision? Secondly, my forehead gets really shiny if I have it in when working out. I used to use Dax wave n groom, american crew molding clay and Kevin Murphy knight rider. All of these would last great through a Muay Thai class or long run, no shiny forehead. That is saying a lot for the greasy Dax Wax too. For some reason, this stuff makes me shine in the gym and I hate that.

    All of that being said,,I’ll get past the scent and wash it out before working out because the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It’s a great product!

  64. FANTASTIC stuff. I just got a great haircut today and while waiting for my barber to finish I saw the jar of Imperial sitting on his work station. I’ve been reading reviews and following Imperial on Instagram for a while now afraid to buy it. I asked him to put some in when he was styling it and WOW!!!!!!! I love it. I will be putting in an order now. I’m pissed now that I haven’t already and will have to wait till it comes in. Fantastic product that I have begun recommending already!

  65. After using this pomade for a good amount of time I can say, with all honesty, that Imperial’s Classic Pomade is the best product I’ve used. Imperial is without a doubt an excellent role model of a company, delivering a high quality product, including a handwritten thank you, which I believe is a nice personal touch. Imperial is the only product I would use in my hair, I wouldn’t even consider using anything else. The only thing that I personally don’t feel too strongly about is the scent, however this is something easy to look over, as everything else about this product is perfection. Imperial’s Classic Pomade is definitely the pinnacle of hair products. I’m proud to say I’m a regular customer. Thank you Imperial for such a high-quality product, as well as outstanding service.

  66. best pomade ever! holds strong all day. looks like i just styled it even after 10 hours of work and washes out super easy. Also has a light pleasant scent. Will be using this for a long time

  67. recieved my tub of classic yesterday. im not sure why, but the hand written tag on the tub just made the whole thing that much better. gave it a go this morning on mostly dry hair, worked a fingers worth in my hair (pretty short and standard barber cut), worked it in with just my hands to the desired style. gotta say, its got awesome hold, drove into work with the windows cracked and not a hair out of place. dig it. ill always keep some on hand from now on.

    thanks again

  68. Do you have/sell a sample size for your classic pomade?

  69. Been using the Classic Pomade for just about 2 years now and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Nothing comes close.

  70. I recently switched to the classic side part hair style. I have been using a pomade made by Axe. The product worked fine. However, I got crazy and decided to try your product. One word: WOW. It is amazing. First, I loved the hand written note. It makes me feel valued as a customer. Second, the product has a pleasant smell and works great into my hair.Third, the hold is amazing. I cant quite describe the level of hold this product contains. Lastly, the complimentary comb was a nice gesture. I will always buy this product from now on.

  71. I would recommend blow drying your hair then putting in the product. It should dry naturally without being crunchy.

  72. Classic is my jam and its quite literally the best pomade I’ve ever used. Goes in clean and keeps it tight all day. I won’t use anything else and Im proud to use a product that’s American made and proud to rep a company that cares about it’s customers. Much respect C/S:.

  73. Amazing product, I am on my 6th tub. The hold is the best I have tried, and I love how you can rework styles with a bit of water mid day. My only gripe is the smell, why does it have to even have a scent at all. Its not a bad smell, but its fairly strong and I have gotten looks/reactions from others when stepping into my elevator. It would be the perfect product if it was unscented.

  74. Holy crap, this stuff works 100%!

    I have gone through the whole line of gels, waxes, clays, etc. and I haven’t seen anything that comes close. The best part, it rinses off easily!

    I can see buying my second can soon, and I’m just on my first week!

  75. The Classic Pomade is a scented product. When it’s freshly worked into your hair the scent is stronger as the day goes it wears away.

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